I am: Woman

Seeking a: please read my information

Age: 31

City: Your Area

Body Type:


Status: now please


In My Own Words:

hii my name is Zelena and im orignaly from Russia. I moved here to enjoy free life.. And ofcourse to enjoy sex a lot hihii

In my country the sex scene is very illegal and its dangerous to work there. thats why i move so i want to be playing in moviees and have my own website

i looking for men who look good and have good tool for camera. we can then make some videos and u can fuck me in any way u want as long as i ican put this on the cdamera for me to use on film or website or anything

If u want to start something with me maybe website together then maybe we can talk about it.


i like everything; girls, boys.. and do scuking and fucking.. with handcuffs or spanking things like that. also group is ok and i like in my butt is OK

Maybe u are interested then send me and we can talk



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