I am: woman

Seeking a: Man

Age: 29

City: Your Area

Body Type: slim

Ethnicity: white

Status: single


In My Own Words:

Hey all im Kathy 29 and im a bit shy to admit thisĀ  (you dont even want to know how much effort it took my to put this pic online LOL)) but i got a real fetish that unfortunately not a lot of man share with me.. I love getting pissed on and i love peeing on a man… Also a man photographing me while i take a pis or me filming a man pissing get me totally hot for some reason…. yes i know that this is a bit strange…but seeing as theres as huge community of goldenshowers lovers im not totally alone…

im not in a relationship and totally free to move around.. Im looking for a man that shares my fetish and want to explore this.. mind you that im a bit of a freak when it comes to sex but i would never go beyond this. Things with food, poo and vomit are totally fucking rancid and ill never be into that.. Just everyone has his or her fetish, well this is mine, deal with it.

Im not very demanding when it comes to a man..reasonbly handsome, preferably well hung and not from half way across the world because if we both enjoy it we can do this on a regular basis..


Allright thats about it for now… Really wondering if ill get any reply here

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