Why We Love MILFs

Most women are beautiful in their own way, but one type of woman stands out among the rest. MILFs are the type of women who have the experience and libido to please any man. They seem to be even more eager than younger twenty-something girls. They have the eagerness to please you, but they need to see that eagerness from you. Many MILFs are more than happy with a one night stand, but even then it’s important that you treat her right. When you go on a MILF date, the better you treat her, the better she’ll treat you.


The respect and attention you have given the MILF has paid off. Now it’s time to take her on a MILF date. Hopefully you have found a MILF that you have a lot in common with. If you have common interests, you can go to a bar or a club that plays music that both of you like. Taking her to a place where you can move your bodies in unison is always a good idea. It’s also a good excuse to touch her a little. Don’t grope her. Let soft touching slowly escalate throughout the night.


If you have done the right amount of touching on your MILF date, she will be ready to take you home. It’s best to suggest your place, but leave her place open as an option. A good tip for taking a MILF home is to kiss her, touch her and flirt with her a lot from the car to your place. Make her think you’re going to go at it the moment you walk in the door. When you arrive at your place, slow down, put in some music, fix both of you a drink and have some light conversation. Hot sex will more than likely follow soon after.