I am: Woman

Seeking a: Woman

Age: 27

City: Your Area

Body Type: Slim

Ethnicity: Half-Spanish, Half US

Status: Single

Occupation: Trainer

In My Own Words:

Hey cool men and women my name is Rosalinda, half Spanish originally from Granada.. Im 27 and in the prime of my life as far as im concerende.

I had some bad breakups in the past, im no damaged goods but im kinda done with guys, boys man whatever..

So i thought why not try something different this time?? Don’t knock it untill you try it is what i always say

so im looking for a woman, girl, lady this time.. Just for interesting conversations, fun dates and who knows what else might happen if the mood is right

As these are my first steps in dating another woman i dont have real demands when it comes to looks.. I just want something with humor, we have got to be able to laugh.. And not the typical dyke-type (sorry if i offend someone now, didnt mean it like that ;-)))

Well start with an interesting message, just drop me a line and we can take if from there..

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