I am: Woman

Seeking a: Man

Age: 30

City: Your Area

Body Type: Busty

Ethnicity: Latino

Status: Single

Occupation: Receptionist

In My Own Words:

Im bi and in a rlationship with a girl. but we both have a certain fetish we would like to see fulfilled.
namely that we want to see each other get fucked by a really really big cock
We have fun with dildos a lot when we're together and we usually end up playing with the huge 9 inchers. We never had a real one and we would like to invite one guy with a huge cock to come join us in a threesome..

we make the rules
we make the plays
we say whats gonna happen

those are the rules and if you think that you can't life up to them (dominant males!!!!!) then please dont bother us…

thanks in advance,

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