I am: Woman

Seeking a: Friend With Benefits Sexual Encounters

Age: 36

City: Your Area

Body Type:

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Status: Very single

Occupation: Mediamanager

In My Own Words:

What are you looking for? Me Perhaps? Did my picture spark your interest or my (profile) name maybe?? Tell me stranger wyhy are you reading my profile right now?

Im just messing with you šŸ˜€

My name is Tonni, its a Dutch name. Im 36 and in the prime of my life as i like to believe it. I just came out of a nasty breakup with my now ex husband (yeah thats Tony so that made us Tony and Tonni šŸ˜€ ).

This has drained all my energy and positive feeling, if been doing nothing but going to court, talking to lawyers, talking about bad things, about money about this about that


Im a totally done with it and with relationships aswell. not saying ill never be in a relationship again but for now its absolutely not an option.. I decided to start living live again and as u can see from my picture i do love some excitement and iĀ  can be a bit extravagant and exhibitionistic

Who will light my passion fires again??? Who dares?



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