I am: F

Seeking a: Fun date.. Sex eventually

Age: for me to know

City: Your Area

Body Type: volupteus

Ethnicity: caucasian


Occupation: marketing

In My Own Words:

Hello my name is Trisha. I’m late thirty, haha aint telling you my real age.. Be nice and i might let you know πŸ™‚

ImΒ half swedish. I had a long serious relationship since i was a young girl. Unfortunately it didnt and well and im now in the singles dating scene again. As im not a women to step into a club and start chatting with everyone i thought id try this site. As u can see from my picture im not very shy and im pretty busty πŸ™‚

Ok dont quite know what else to put here so if u like what u see/like what u read then dont be shy and send me a message!


xxx Trish

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