I am: gender

Seeking a: man

Age: 45

City: Your Area

Body Type: Curvy, normal build

Ethnicity: Mixed

Status: Single

Occupation: Yoga teacher

In My Own Words:
Hi hotties!!
Tantric sex, you know the kind that lasts for hours and hours and makes you do all the moves in the kama sutra is what I enjoy and what I love..
And after a very pleasant sexual relationship with a man that was able to go for hours I decided to try my luck online in finding a new one.
I really don’t want to go to a bar and pick up some good looking guy only to find out that when it comes to sex it the normal 1-minute type man
That is not what I’m looking for as there is no way in hell that will get any pleasure from that.. Problem is that men that are into tantric/marathon sex are very very hard to find, or they have been with so many woman that they think they are God of all women, also not my type
So if you are a guy that is able to find all the right ‘spots’ and is able to hold his orgasm for a while than you are the type of men that get me really really wet 😉
I also have a weakness for real gentlemen so someone who approaches me respectfully will prevail over others!

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