I am: Woman

Seeking a: Man

Age: 31

City: Your Area

Body Type:

Ethnicity: Middle Eastern



In My Own Words:
I will start bout telling someing bout me en what im looking for
im  a busy women an working as a sales rep for a medium large company.. Due to my job i havent had a lot of time for boyfriends in the past
So im a bit ashamed to admit this but i am still a virgin.. yess i know i might not look like it but there are women that can live their life without having new boyfriend on the daily
Now that i have some more time to spend on my social life i thought id go ou and look for a nice  guy/man
Because i think it is time for me to start getting a bit more experienced in the lovemaking area..
My attempts at going to a bar and meet a fun men have really proven fruitless
so i thought id put up an online request and see what that gets me..
So if your looking for nude pictures or something please move on because im not that type of girl
Im looking for that nice and friendly guy. Smart and quick and able to hold his own in any circumstance
Like i said im a virgin so i think we will not be going anywhere if you are hung like a horse so…
just mail me if this sounds interesting enough for you and who knows we might have a really good date…
Talk to you later then??

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