I am: WOman

Seeking a: Man


City: Your Area

Body Type: Slender

Ethnicity: Caucasian



In My Own Words:
yeah you know what it is they’re are always eyeballing me, married men looking at me and telling their wifes “ooh how can you walk around like that its so vulgar!!!” all the while staring at my tits and ass.. Dude please you wish you could hit this!!
To be honest i had a relationship with 2 of those types of guys and at first they find it totally cool and sexy and love the raunchy-ness  until you have to go to their old folks and suddenly i have to adjust my clothes attitude and what not..
What a fucking bummerto say the least.
This is who I am and if that is raunchy and vulgar so be it!!!
 but seriously I ‘am not looking for a relationship on a site like this PLEASE but you never know what might cross you path
But first and foremost i am looking for fucking hot porn lovers just like me 😉
Lets hear it if you wanna hit a bar or something.

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