I am: woman

Seeking a: man

Age: 29

City: Your Area

Body Type:

Ethnicity: arabic



In My Own Words:


Im Happy that you decided to visit my profile!
Im a very chatty and busy person with a really busy social life aswell..
Apart from that i also have a demanding job>
But do to me being busy with all these things i just cant seem to find the right man and end up in the bedroom.. BIG BUMMMMEER!!!
Because i have a lot of fantasies and other fetishes that i feel i havent fully fulfilled as of yet>
So hoping to find a guy thats willing to share these experiences with me.

So i took a big step and signed up at a couple of dating sites…
Just to see what kind of men i will attract.
Plus what is the worst that can happen?
I end up with the right guy that blows my brains when it comes to love making??
JEEEZZZ i think ill live in that case!

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