I am: Woman

Seeking a: Man

Age: 30

City: Your Area

Body Type: Perfectly trained

Ethnicity: caucasian

Status: Undisclosed

Occupation: Porn mostly

In My Own Words:

Yeah thats right! This is your chance to fuck a porn star!! I do a lot of amateur pornmovies so no im not a real pornstar but trust me you will not feel the difference!!

Im looking for a well hung, good looking, sculpted man who would be interested in making new amateur porn movies with me to put on my website.

I dont exactly swim in the money so i will not be able to pay you and you will not get money for the movie when i do decide to put it up. The prize is that you get to fuck me in any nasty hardcore pornstar way

I love hard spanking and rough s&m but im not shy from swallowing a good cumload or taking it up my perfect little but.
You are disease free with a good penis (6″ + only) and a trained body. Also no funny or weird spots on you body that will show on camera, i need i to be a good fucking movie. APart from that it doenst really matter what skincolor or whatever.

If you interested then i will need your motivation, penis size and a picture of your dick in erect position, picture of yourself naked and then i will review it.

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