I am: gender

Seeking a: man

Age: 35

City: Your Area

Body Type: slim build body. Not busty at all but i keep fit and think my body looks GREAT!

Ethnicity: caucasian

Status: Single

Occupation: Administration

In My Own Words:
Despite my age i have the feeling that my experience in the field of SEX is not what it should be.
I’ve decided to keep love to myself for now and not give it to a man anymore…. I’m just looking to see if i can find the right guy for sex and nothing more..
I’m 35 years old, I know I’m not a model type or something but silent waters run deep is what they say so decide for yourself!

Apparently woman at my age are not lusting for orgasms and hard sex like me so this is not really something i cant talk with my friends about it cause they just dont understand.
So unfortunately, it is not so easy to get what i want so i thought i would try this anonymous way.. Cause I am a bit worried about the type of men you attract here but i have to try to find some nice men of my own age…


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