I am: Woman

Seeking a: Man

Age: 31

City: Your Area

Body Type: Average

Ethnicity: Latino

Status: Single

Occupation: None atm

In My Own Words:

I think that I'm looking for something not a lot of other girls on here seem to be looking for. And that is a guy with a brain and he loves to show off his brain instead of his body..
Everyone can look good nowadays with all these plastic surgeons and weightwatch programs and what not.
Its jsut to easy and everyone has the potential to do it.
YOu know just eat right, sleep well, take care of your body, work out, stay active. That will do a lot for anyone.
But when it comes to being smart and having a functioning brain with lots of power. Now I seriously think that's an innate thing. It is the special thing and that is why I resorted to online dating. Cause you don't see a lot of these men in a club or anything 🙂
So I will come after you guys 🙂

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