My Introduction Into the World of Horny Milfs

Let’s just get one thing out of the way. I want to get this off my chest early on in this story: I’ve never really considered myself particularly attractive. While a lot of women do compliment me for my height, that’s pretty much where the compliments begin and end.

I’m not particularly handsome, nor do I stand out in a crowd. For the longest time, I haven’t really let this fact get the better of me. But when I went to college, I became painfully aware of it.

You have to understand that in America, if you look plain or if you look average, you are going to be overlooked. That’s just a fact of life. This is why there is a saying that people would rather be called an asshole or a freak as long as people call them. Any kind of attention is, at least, attention.

Well, I wasn’t really a big subscriber of that idea, but I can definitely understand the mindset behind that because, hey, let’s face it, being viewed as “perfectly normal” and “average,” for all intents and purposes, is a death sentence.

This especially true if you’re trying to attract the attention of hot women. We’re talking about chicks with big tits, beautiful, long, flaxen, blonde hair, amazing asses, and bodies that won’t quit. Those types of chicks are looking for guys who are different.

They’re not particularly looking for dudes who are the prettiest, but they are looking for guys who look different enough. Guys who do not fit the mold. That’s the kind of world we live in and, unfortunately, that’s the kind of world that I didn’t create and the world that I often myself as the underdog in.

So that was the existence that I was kind of resigned to. I mean, I’d have a girlfriend every now and then, but these relationships really weren’t anything to write home about. The sex really wasn’t that particularly good.

So I thought that after college, I was just going to get married and basically that was the beginning of the end of my life. That was kind of like the track that I was on until I met Linda.

Linda was this 55 year old real estate brokerage owner. She’s been around the block, she knows how to negotiate, she’s made quite a bit of money for herself, and this woman doesn’t take shit. Seriously. She’s not going to take the world’s mess. That’s how she got to where she is.

She’s not about bullshit. She practices a very high level of integrity, that’s why people trust and respect her. That’s why people trust her with millions of dollars in real estate deals.

She’s not about games, she’s not into lying, and she’s one of the most authentic people I have ever met. I mean, if you’re looking for somebody who is honest to the core, it is Linda.

So I was really shocked when I was staying late at work trying to work through this stack of stuff. That’s what I call my work, it’s a stack of stuff.

The funny thing about the accounting work that I did for Linda’s real estate business is that whenever you rub two pieces of paper together, those pieces of paper have kids. So it’s not uncommon for what started out as a very small stack of files to eventually turn into a huge stack after a week or two.

That’s exactly the kind of bullshit I was up against that particular night. I mean, I was hating it. I was burning the midnight lamp and I was just hoping that this fucking ordeal would be over sooner rather than later.

I was just slaving away until I felt this warm hand on my shoulder. It turned out to be Linda and I was shocked because normally, Linda would leave at 1pm.

That’s the kind of lifestyle she lived. She would come in at work at 11am and leave at 1pm, and guess what? The business would still make millions of dollars every single year. That’s how well put together that organization was, all thanks to Linda.

Well, I was just shocked and I said, “Linda, I didn’t know you were still around. I thought you left a long time ago.”

She said in her very deadpan and extremely authentic voice, “I figured I’d keep you company.”

Then she looked at me with those very warm yet deep brown eyes, and I knew there was some sort of electricity there. I really couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something going on. And without missing a beat, she said, “Let me introduce you to my friend, Criselda.”

Criselda was this older Asian lady. I really couldn’t figure out her ethnicity because she had a Spanish name, but she looked somewhat vaguely Chinese or Polynesian, or a mix of both. She had this long black hair with streaks of white. You can tell a woman is really hot and has a tremendous amount of self confidence when she doesn’t bother dying her gray hair.

Criselda said in a fairly thick Asian accent that I really can’t recognize, “You are a very special man.”

That really threw me off. I mean, okay, what the fuck is going on here? I was thinking to myself, is this some sort of bullshit joke? Are they going to try to fuck with my head? I mean, I’m just the accounting consultant here. I’m just doing some number crunching and this is the last kind of bullshit I need to deal with.

I was kind of speechless because I didn’t really know how to act. And Linda basically grabbed my tie and tugged at it and she said, “Are you looking to try something different tonight?”

There was a sense of authority in her voice. I guess somebody who’s not very imaginative or somebody who is offended easily could easily take it the wrong way. But the whole idea of being dominated by an older woman kind of turned me on.

Fairly quickly, I said, “I’m very open to whatever you have in mind.” I tried to pass it off as a joke, but my grin was kind of shallow.

It didn’t take long for Criselda, the Asian chick, to drop to her knees and pull down my pants and start sucking my cock. And what really blew my mind was when Linda pulled down her pants and just basically dragged my head.

From the back of my head, she gripped my hair very tightly and basically shoved my face in her pussy. She said, “It’s time for you to eat. It’s meal time.”

I don’t know about you, but the whole idea of a strong woman who knows what the fuck she wants and who doesn’t beat around the bush (pun intended) really turned me on. I mean, I was rock hard at that point and the more I fucking lapped her pussy like a thirsty dog, the harder my cock got.

I didn’t really have much time to prepare until Criselda basically bent over and rammed her pussy up against me doggy style. So here I was, trying to keep my balance eating pussy and banging a chick from behind at the same time.

It’s safe to say that that experience really taught me a thing or two about Linda and MILFs in general because we kept at it at that same time, at that same place, for several weeks. And just like it began, it ended.

To this day, I’ve never told anybody about that experience and Linda’s gone on to fund very expensive political campaigns in our county. And in many cases, you see her shaking hands with local politicians and movers and shakers.

It is that kind of experience that made me very thankful for the fact that I’m just an average Joe who’s very easy to forget. I’m definitely a guy that you can easily overlook and, you know what? I prefer it that way.