I am: Woman

Seeking a: Man

Age: 58

City: Your Area

Body Type:

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Status: Single

Occupation: Accountant

In My Own Words:

My name is Lidwien and im a lonely woman aged 58

Ill start off by telling the story as to why im trying to meet up with men for casual sexual encounters.
about 2 week ago or so a youngman, guessing his age around 21, approached me with the obvious intent. He made me really clear that he thought i was very attractive, so i invited him in for a cup of thea. But we havent had any thea because what happened next was the best sex i ever had. It was in one word fan-frigging-tastic!!!

And yet here i was all these years in a crummy relationship where we hardly had any sex, and the sex we did have was not anymore near as great as this.

Well this was my wake-up call!!!

Boys, men, youngmen, i want more MUCH MUCH MORRRREE!!

Im having a 2 week vacation pretty soon and really i just want to have sex with as many different man as i can. Im really looking forward to this

Who wants to meet up in the period that ill let you know once we get in contact and just have sex as much as we can..
Let me know what your preferred times would be. In the morning is fine but i would prefer late afternoon

Ofcourse this is without payment but i just have 1 demand, make sure you are clean all over.. But i really hope that goes without saying


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