I am: woman

Seeking a: Man

Age: 33

City: Your Area

Body Type: regular

Ethnicity: caucasian

Status: Single

Occupation: Lawyer

In My Own Words:

Allright i love being direct and to the point so that is exactly what i will be doing now.

My name is MIndy and i am a sexual business woman, 35 years of age. Me and my husband have a succesful lawfirm that we both run with much pride, fun and excitement.

Nothing is perfect and neither is our situation. My husband is extremely busy with the lawfirm and doenst share my interests when it comes to sex as they sometimes are a bit extremer then what he likes.

So with mutual consent i decided to try online dating to get what i wan’t quick and clean.

What i want is good looking, clean and disease free well hung DOMINANT man that likes the rougher forms of sex. I love being tied up and being dominated so you have to be a man thats dominant by nature otherwise it will not work.

We meet when and ONLY WHEN i want to meet up. This is due to the nature of my job. Relationship or any form of contact other then that to arrange a date is out of the question.

This is for my pleasure, but im pretty sure that you will get a lot of pleasure out of it aswell.

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