I am: ..

Seeking a: youngmen between 18 and 35.

Age: 27

City: Your Area

Body Type:

Ethnicity: C

Status: not looking for something serious

Occupation: ..

In My Own Words:

if ur gonna tell me im to young to be a mifl or ur gonnoa giv me shit about being on online dating sties then shut up and move on. i dont need to hear that shit anymore, its my life


now that we got that out of the way in leaona (greek name) and yes im a very young mother. not entirely voluntarily but things tend to happen. my girl is still very young but im alone in raising here. working, studying parenting leaves no room for other things.. min you im not looking for a father, just for sex. yess i have needs to and im in urgent need of sex atm>

wont go with any guy like that, i pretty picky.. couple of htings:
no arabs or spanish/latin guys.. i prefer blonde guyys with a well maintained body. has to know how to make a joke aswell, wouldnt heart if ur not stupid but thats not the important thing now (hhhahaa this sounds really bad)
penis size is not that important, depends on what u do with it and with ur tongue especially.. Im not into all kinds of weird shit, just good sex.. i can go on for a couple of hours though so i will need a man thats up for that.


Is that you? well hen send me a fun message not ” hey im mike and i have a big dick lets meet” entetrain me a bit, humor always works well guyst remember that please.. Oh and if u dont have a profile on here then dont even try. i want to see what u look like and what ur interests are withouth having to send 100’s of messages


ok welll thats about it for now. lets start chatting now!

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