I am: Woman

Seeking a: Man

Age: 35

City: Your Area

Body Type: Busty

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Status: Single

Occupation: beautician

In My Own Words:

I love staying up all night with friends drinking wine and having fun. Make it late into the night talking about the most weird and strange (but funny 🙂 topics 🙂

I am a beautician so I deal with making people pretty all day long. I like to keep in shape and fit and look good myself so it really is the perfect job for me. When I'm not working you could easily find me making my girls prettier. I just something I really love doing. Some men might call me shallow or something but I con't care about them and they can fuck off for all I care..
Looking for a man who like to look good, dress sharp the works you know. But must not be a day job for him. Although any girl loves to see a sharped dressed man looking fine. i really wouldnt want my man to be in front of the mirror longer then me. I cant even call that metrosexual anymore….. Thats just gay sorry guys lol :p

I'm not no bimbo so please don't talk to my like I am one thank you!


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