I am: woman

Seeking a: A fun date with a fun loving man!

Age: undisclosed :)

City: Your Area

Body Type:

Ethnicity: half US half puerto rica

Status: undisclosed

Occupation: Design

In My Own Words:

Hi reader i am Angelique and i am a fun loving mom out looking for a date. I am way passed the club scene (no i aint going to tell you my age, thats a biiiiiiig secret 😀 so i don’t really meet that much men to have some fun with.

Thats why i’d try i’d give online dating a shot. What have i got to lose? You won’t find any nude pics from me on the net so this 1 picture is what u’ll have to work with 😀

I love being active, sporting, walking in the park, swimming, hiking, biking you name it.. But u can find me just as easy with a book on the sofa or lying on the beach. A bit of everything you might say 😀

Looking for some fun men out there! Are you still alive! Most are so serious not really making me laugh or just having some simple fun.. My girlsfriends said i’d online attract perv’s online, maybe so, i really hope not but don’t shoot don’t score.

Leave me a fun message and we can chat a little.

lot of kisses

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