I am: Woman

Seeking a: Man

Age: 32

City: Your Area

Body Type: Average

Ethnicity: Black

Status: Single

Occupation: Teacher assistant

In My Own Words:

I 'm an easygoing black smasher ffrom the us. Instead of revealign everything about lil old me to everyone I 'm simply gonna enable you to understand what im looking for in a date and when you can execute these “demands” we can have a chat and ill tell you a lil more about myself.. I already uploaded a nude pic what more can you inquire of me? : p

My perfect date/man/guy would be easygoing just like me.. Not stressfull sort..Guy not only thinking about sex but loves kissing and making out simply as substantially as having sex..
Is sensible enough to hold anormal converstaion, be sure you havea little more to talk about afterward simply football or something stupid like that..a guy MUST HAVE their shit together, nothing else accpeted here im not looking for immature wankers i want actual guy.
So if you reside together with roommates or in your mothers cellar there isnt anything hot or suitable about that.. so please don't squander my time and message me to play.
That aslo contains no play rather than to much private luggage if you get what I mean..
You must be reliable and trustworthy to get with me..

Oh and you shoulndt hesitate to tell me what u need and/or don't. Safe us both tons of time..


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