I am: gender

Seeking a: man

Age: 39

City: Your Area

Body Type: Curved, good breasts. Body in shape

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Status: Single


In My Own Words:
My relationship ended after 20 years.. He was my highschool sweetheart but turned out an asshole
Sooo no i decided i would live it up! I found out that I am addicted to sex and it doesnt get to dirty for me any time soon.
My ex was not that good in the sack, mostly missionary and borign stuff.. maybe that is what made me such a slut now LOLOLO
What i am looking for a really hot sexy guys, abs and all and a good healthy big nice strong dick
And with my little hands let me first make your cock really hard! I will suck your cock so hard that the only thing you can think about is pumping your huge load in my throat.
 Then you can take me deep and hard on our favorite positions and just enjoy sex together!
baby I’ll let you cum in a way that you’ll never forget!

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