I am: m,f

Seeking a: man or woman, or couple. Pictures mandatory, later mandatory phone call then we can meet

Age: Im 38 and he is 37

City: Your Area

Body Type:

Ethnicity: both caucasian

Status: happily married still

Occupation: me housewife, him drector

In My Own Words:

Hi there dear profile reader! Thank you for taking interest in my immensely interesting profile lolz
Im Amanda, happily married for 20 years and with a son who has left the house a long time ago. My husband and me are very happy with eachtother still after all this years. but still we would like to spark up our sex life a bit.. We have been doing private porn movies, just for us to see and ofcourse not for sale or on the interne.. i would kill myself if my son ever found out.
we are looking for well hung men and big breasted ladies (our interests lolz) who would be interested in making a hot porn with us, with me, just my man or whatever combination we decide.. Only things thats important is that it should really click on here, we should have some good cliks, we should trust youu.. ofcourse we will need to see pictures of you and talk on th ephone to check if its not fake or antyrhing

Jst normal clean people. you dont have to be extremely goodlooking but my man and i keep inshape aswell so we kinda expect the same. My man is tall dark and handsome lolz and im pretty clear on this picture i think lolz


interested? Message me and maybe we will hoook up some day!

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