I am: Woman

Seeking a: Casual Encounters

Age: 46

City: Your Area

Body Type:

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Status: Single

Occupation: Is my business

In My Own Words:

Welcome to my profile!

First and foremost, though I’m involved at the moment, it’s an open relationship — I’m not sneaking around and I’m not looking for a boyfriend. I just want to get that out of the way. Anyway: I’m a bit kinky, I guess. I can be a bit shy in the beginning, but I tend to warm up quickly, especially if you have the same kinks as me. I tend to feel a little hindered when I don’t feel we’re on the same page, but I have the problem of usually keeping whatever issues quiet. I do very much try to be as upfront as possible, though, when I feel I can. It’s just a matter of how comfortable I am with you (and vice-versa ofc). And it’d be a great idea to note that I have a very big oral fixation — giving, that is; not so much receiving (it’s hard to explain, but it just makes me super uncomfortable; I’m not looking to compromise on this). And I’ve got a particular aversion against being on top. I strongly prefer not to be.

I’m looking for a fit, handsome guy to take control and get rough. And if you’re well hung (8″+), that’s a huge plus (but not necessary!). I love it when a guy makes me gag on his cock and forces me to take it down my throat, until I can’t take it any longer or beg for more. And I especially love getting my face covered in cum, but getting a mouth full of cream is always a plus, too. Anal is another big favorite. I love getting pumped mercilessly up the ass without any regard to me (complete with hair-pulling, spanking, talking down to me, whatever you can muster). And ass to mouth (not analingus, though that’s alright too), by the way, is something else I really enjoy, if you’re into that, but it’s not necessary if you’re not. And last, but not least, vaginal is a definite plus, which is something I should hope goes without saying. I love getting it in the same manner as my other turn-ons: hard and deep, thats the most important. Also, I can’t stress enough that none of the above is entirely necessary — with the exceptions of “athletic” and “attractive,” haha. In terms of what I get in bed, I’m really not all that picky, and I like to think that I’m generally open-minded. Thank you for reading my profile, and I hope you get something out of it!

I really hope to hear from you soon

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