lauriesxxx's Profile
I am: Woman
Seeking a: Man
Age: 32
Body Type: Busty
Ethnicity: Latino
Status: Single
Occupation: Fashion model

In My Own Words:

hi im Laurie,
love a man who can take care of his girl in anyway shape or form..
Are you the typeo of men who can takecare of his supersexy girl?? I am the type that will pay you back tenfold!
I really have no special requirements and really dont have high demands.. most men think so cause of my looks but to them I say fuck you you dont know me!
I just need a man that suits me.. And those are mostly the dominant ones that have a strong character and an even stronger mind.. But modesty is important!!! Dont come bragging about yoru stuff that is digusting to me!!

I am basically hoping to meet the right guy and have some fun times while doing that

Greetings Laurie,

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