ClassyChassy's Profile
I am: Woman
Seeking a: Man
Age: 28
Body Type: Fit
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Status: Single
Occupation: Unemployed at the moment

In My Own Words:

Hiii my Name is Chassy and im a 28 year old girl born in Connecticut.

I always seem to attract the wrong type of guys.. The type that dont know how to keep their hands to themselves, the type of attractive-jock/asshole type

I have decided to break this ban and look for love elsewhere.. My girlfriends laughed at me when i told them i would try internet dating sites to see what this brings me.. But come to think of it; it isnt that strange.. I mean normal ways of meeting guys hasnt worked out for me so why shouldnt i try something completely different.. Something tthat actually works for a lot of people as if heard

Thing is that i dont really know what im looking for this time.. I always pick the wrong ones so maybe its best if i dont set my mind to anythying and just see what crosses my path

it might just be exactly what im looking for.. Gee wizz im really hoping to find a good guy..

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