Why I fuck younger guys

I’m 45 years old. My son is 19. I’m fuck buddies with three of his friends. I’m not ashamed of it and neither is he. His friends are hot and he said he just doesn’t care what I do. All three of his friends know that they can come to me when they’re backed up and need a good fucking. I also like knowing that I’m teaching them how to treat a woman in the bedroom. They’ll never have to deal with not knowing how to pleasure a girl when it really counts. I’m teaching them and getting my pussy filled by young studs. It just works for everyone.

Why do I do it?

I do it because younger guys are just more enthusiastic than men my own age. They can pound away at me with all the stamina of a teenager. It makes me feel like a real woman with real sex appeal. Most of them can’t stop themselves from cumming inside me two or three times while they work. It never slows them down. They just keep on fucking me like they can’t stand the thought of not being inside me. You just can’t get that with a 45 year old man.

It also makes me feel young again

One of my favorite things to do is sending them naked selfies. I love making them hard in the middle of the day. I love knowing that they’re eyes are all over my exposed tits. I love thinking that they’re showing them to all of their friends. They always show up at my door as soon as they get the chance and put me to good use. I can’t describe how amazing it makes me feel to be desired by guys who could be fucking anyone they want.

No, I won’t stop

I love doing it too much. In fact, I’m even looking for more young guys to fuck online. I figure that there are plenty of 19 year olds out there to help. I want my door to be revolving with fresh, young cock coming in and going out all the time. I can’t help it. I wasted my 20s by being a prude. Now I’m going to be an out and proud slut. Come and give me your hot load, guys. I’ll relieve you of it with a smile on my MILF mouth.