I am: gender

Seeking a: man

Age: 39

City: Your Area

Body Type: slender

Ethnicity: Mixed


Occupation: Owner of an art gallery.

In My Own Words:
 Hey there. I’m Sheron,’m 39 years old and born and raised in the US.. Been Living there all my life and I  still love i tto death.
I’m Single again since 2 years and I am looking for a nice sexy guy who want to fill my hot wet holes without any further any financial motive or anything crazy.
I just can not get enough of hard sexxx. I prefer to do it all day, but unfortunately I lack the time to do so. And the man to do it with
I Find it exciting to try out new locations. Preferably a place where there is a risk to be caught.
I work in an art gallery and I would really like to some hardcore sex in there.

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