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The secret to MILF hookups success


The secret to any kind of hookup, whether it’s a MILF hookup or college girl sex hookup, is actually all the same. It has nothing to do with what you look like or how much money you have in the bank. In fact, all those external factors don’t really add up to much. What matters more is what you have going on inside you. I am of course talking about you character. I’m talking about your values, and I’m also talking about your will power. You have to remember that all kinds of success in life are not possible if you’re not willing to take risks. Unfortunately, most people are pussies. Most people are also lazy. They let fear and inertia rule their lives. This is why most guys are unable to hook up. While they can get lucky from time to time, if they are looking for consistent stream of MILF hookups, they just end up wasting their time. They end up blaming other people, themselves or just say that they are unlucky.


The truth is they simply don’t have that fire in the belly. They simply don’t choose to have what it takes to achieve success again and again. You have to understand that your level of success in all aspects of your life is simply a matter of choice. If you choose to think the right things, you start saying the right things. If you choose saying the right things, you start doing the right things. When you start doing the right things, you start developing the right habits. Once you’ve developed the right habits then success comes naturally. You have to remember that winners aren’t born winners. They had to learn somewhere. They had to learn some time. If they can do it, you can do it too. The first step is to view getting laid as an adventure. That’s the bottom line. You immerse yourself in the process. Have fun doing it. If you look at the process as something that you’re going to be afraid of, then chances are you will fail.