I am: Female

Seeking a: I think it's pretty clear.

Age: 35

City: Your Area

Body Type:

Ethnicity: caucasian

Status: Not important

Occupation: Management

In My Own Words:

Look no further if ur looking for some hardcore mature action. my name is Lisa and im looking for a man that can handle his own in the bedroom. Im desperate for some good sex after having to deal with nothing but disappointment.

Men who think they got what it takes but end up blowing their load at the first sight of my tight butt. Im a true animal in the bedroom and im looking for men who can handle the heat. im down for everything except the really disgusting things ofcourse. Threesomes, anal (love it!), toys you name it.

I fancy big strong men but not to buff, i dont like the bodybuilder type at all. Has to have a good sized penis otherwise im afraid we are going to have a problem. Hair type and eye color and such not important, what is important is your appearance, style and definitely hygiene.

If you fit in to this discription then send me a message and better have some good pics on your profile!

And please promise me that you wont blow your load when you first get a glimpse at my private parts and especially my tight, tigh butthole

xxx Lisa

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