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Age: 43

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Status: Married


In My Own Words:
My name is Bibi, married, mother of two children and craving certain things that every healthy woman craves.My husband and I still have sex (occasionally), but nowadays it’s just wam-bam-thank you m’am..
I havent had an orgasm in ages, and we have talked about this and I really let him know that i can’t go on like this..
But i really can’t go on like this I really am tired. I suspect him that he has a girlfriend but can not prove.

We have children, otherwise I would be long gone by now.
Now I’m going to think about myself hence my profile here.
Discretion is imperative, so I will not post any pictures of my face or anything that could give me away..
But I felt kinda naughty when I thought about what kind of picture I should use.. Thought this might get me some extra attention and might speed everything up hiihih
x Bibi

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