Chrissy's Profile
I am: a female
Seeking a: hot man who knows how it works
Age: 29
Body Type:
Ethnicity: caucasian
Status: single and ready to mingle!

In My Own Words:

hey hot guys (and girls) im chrissy. Im a single mom enjoying life. I absolutely hate people telling me what to do, so plz dont even start about me being a mom and being on a dating site. my life my choice\

Ok now that we got that out of the way, hahahah, i love sex! i had  relationship when i was young and i have a beautiful daughter but i just crave male attention and love climaxing. hence you can find me on some different dating site. I like hooking up with men, but always safe and i have to get to know you a bit first. the picture is from one of my randomencounter. yess im looking at his penis with a little discontent hahaha\
are you the one with bigger better penis then dont hesitate and contact me! haha

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